Throw a Pirates of the Caribbean Party

Source: – By Cindy Littlefield

Jack Sparrow fans around the globe will be on board for this high seas shindig. Upon arrival, all the guests are fitted with eyepatches before teaming up to search for treasure hidden in a box that bears a remarkable resemblance to Davy Jones’ Dead Man’s Chest. There’s a roster of seaworthy challenges, too, so eager buccaneers can prove they’re worth their salt.

 The Cake

Jack’s Pirate Skull Cake: Modeled after Jack Sparrow’s Jolly Roger, this sheet cake pays tribute to the most beloved pirate to sail the Caribbean. There’s a printable template for the skull and crossbones, which are simply cut out of marshmallow fondant and set atop black buttercream frosting.
Make a Pirate Skull Cake

Pirate Party Decorations

A few props, such as seashells and fish netting, will lend a touch of the Caribbean apropos to your pirate party setting. For the table, choose appropriate pirate colors: black or red tablecloth and paper plates and cups, and bone white napkins. You can even pick up a package of “gold” coins at a dollar store and place a little stack of them beside each place setting.

Pirate Party Crafts

Pirate’s Eyepatch: These distinctive cover-ups are a cinch to craft out of black foam and sewing elastic. Before the party, make a patch for each “pirate” on the guest list and they’ll be ready to custom fit when everyone arrives.
Make Pirate’s Eyepatches
Pirate’s Treasure Chest: This decorative box is perfect to stash party favors, gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins, or other pirate-themed trinkets in. Then you can use it as a prop for the Pirate Loot Treasure Hunt described below.
Make Pirate’s Treasure Chests

More Pirate Party Activities

Pirate Loot Treasure Hunt: The aim of this group search is to follow a set of clues that lead to a pirate chest filled with party favors. To set up the hunt, you have to work backwards, first picking the perfect place to hide the chest. Write a clue to that location and hide it in another spot. Then write a second clue, this time to the spot where you hid the previous clue. Hide the second clue and write a third clue to the location of the second clue and so on until you have clues hidden in a half dozen spots. To start the treasure hunt, gather the group and give them a clue to where the sixth clue (the clue you hid last) is located, and let the fun begin.

Capture the Pirate Flag: This spinoff of the classic game of Capture the Flag uses two distinctive Jolly Roger flags (you can buy one of these for as little as $2.95 online, or even make your own). Or, if you’d rather, you can use different colored bandanas. Players who are tagged become members of the opposing pirate crew.

Walk the Plank Relay: For this timed relay, you’ll need to set up a plank. You can use a real piece of wood, such as a 2-by-4, or you can set strips of cardboard end to end to create a faux board. Another option is to cut a long strip from a roll of burlap. At the far end of the plank, set a bowl filled with gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins on a small table or chair. Set an empty bowl beside the starting end of the plank. Divide the guests into 2 teams and have the first team line up at the start. On cue, the first player walks the plank as quickly as possible, takes a coin out of the bowl, brings it back and deposits it in the empty bowl, and then tags the next player in line, who starts his or her turn. The game continues in this way until all the coins have been moved. Then, the second team is up. The team that completes the relay in the lesser time wins.


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